Make Every Minute Count

With success comes the very real sensation of time flying by. As a leader, you owe it to yourself and your team to make the most of every one of those swiftly passing minutes.

In this class you will learn about effective time management practices that will help you make every minute count. Giving yourself enough time for you and your tasks means more time for your team, and the more time you have to invest in your endeavor, the more successful it will be.

Learn how to get a tighter grip on your time, and help it move at your pace!

Inspire, Motivate and Mentor Your Team

The future and the success of your endeavor are in your hands, but they are also in the hands of your team. Inspiring those around you is the best way to spread the vision that you have.

This class illustrates the best practices for effective communication, encouraging mentorship of your team, and motivating your team to embody this every day. Cultivate the future of your business, and ensure the success of your team. Starting with you, this class can help you carry out effective motivations for future leaders of your team.

Get Your Own House in Order

As a leader, all eyes are on you.

You are expected to do the right things, perform the right way, and to “walk your talk.” Leading your own endeavor is a statement about yourself that is applied to the successes and mission of your company.

This class stresses the importance of maintaining the integrity of your vision through aligning your personal self as a leader with the practices and principles you impart to your company. Examine how to ensure that each stride you take in your day, in your business, and in your life is meaningful, productive, and exemplary of the type of leader you want to be.

Vision and Growth: Overcoming Fear and Control

As a leader, you are faced with the ebb and flow of success and failure as well as the ups and downs of the workplace. Performance problems, disjointed communication, poor team collaboration, and low morale are some of the many issues that can disrupt success in the workplace.

Let’s examine these obstacles, identify their root, and harness the power of overcoming them effectively, as we emphasize the power of perspective. Learn the importance of focusing your leadership energies on effectively and graciously overcoming these issues to amplify the vision and growth of your endeavor, while being a vision of workplace conduct for your employees.

What Is a Leader?

Looking at leaders’ successes, understanding their roadblocks, and navigating through hypothetical alternatives will encourage you to be open to the self-examination and observance necessary to be an empathetic and self-aware leader.

Walk with me as we look at those who have paved the way for leadership, and let us learn and be inspired by what they have accomplished, so that we may accomplish greatness in leadership ourselves.

Master the Art of Leadership

Enter the classroom as a learner and walk out as a leader. This informative and empowering class equips you with the 7 Key Principles of Success to effective and encouraging leadership, which ignites and motivates power in those you lead.

The key to leadership is channeling your strengths, overcoming shortcomings with patience and self-knowledge, and combining these strategies with eye-opening compassion to provide your team with the direction that they need to follow in your footsteps.

This class is lead with the principles that it teaches, focusing on camaraderie, active listening, and the realistic implementation of goals that will lead you to be the leader that you and your employees need you to be.