A Balanced Path for Work and Life

It’s easy to let work cross the line into our personal lives, and sometimes we let our personal lives affect our job performance. Is it even possible to leave work at work?

How do we find a balance?

Join me as we learn about our limitations, our strengths, and our fears as we compare them to our dreams of success. In this class, we will talk about intrinsic motivation and personal accountability. Balance is a journey, so let us respect the words we write as we outline the goals we want to accomplish.

How to Get Where You Want to Be

When you envision your future, where are you? How did you get there? What does that path look like?

Dreams can propel success, but if the gas, the vehicle, and the road are not compatible, you will fall short of your destination.

It starts with you and your customer and the realistic path of retail and rebooking. Your success is in your hands, but miscalculating success can happen when a clear understanding of goals and roadblocks is not established.

Learn how to avoid obstacles and plan your success around them in order to get where you want to be.

Characteristics of a Super Stylist

Whether you are the name, the face, or the hands of a company, being the best that you can be contributes to the overall success of that company as well as your personal sense of accomplishment. As a stylist, your client interactions not only promote the company as a whole, but they ensure and secure new and recurring business.

Learn how to take a personal inventory of what makes you a great stylist. We will assess your goals and implement strategies that you can constantly refer to in order to ensure your personal success and happiness.

Success Is a Choice

If you wrote down a list of your habits, what would you see? Are they positive? Negative? Without them, could you accomplish more? Not all habits are bad! Join me as we assess the habits you find are holding you or your company back.

Learn how to take control of what seems to “just fall into place,” and how to opt out of these detrimental habits and replace them with habits of success.

Grow Your Business

Sometimes, life can be distracting. Whether your distractions are personal or professional, they function the same. They derail the longevity and integrity of your vision and compromise the success of your business.

Join us to learn how to stay focused through an influx of distraction or monotony. Whether it’s over-stimulation or routine that is gnawing at the sharpness you need for success, we can help you overcome it with focus.

Drawing your attention inward to expend outward success is the key to business longevity, and it starts within you. Let us help you harness the focus you need to grow.